I write, translate and edit for all sorts of clients, most of them based in the Netherlands:

  • Authors like Gaston Dorren, Rik Smits and Hanke Lange
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Universities and hogescholen
  • Commercial clients

You can find some of my handiwork here.


I write various types of copy:

  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • columns
  • press releases for new products or research findings
  • webtexts for companies and institutions
  • brochures and other promotional texts.


I edit journal articles in particular, because it’s a kick to help other academics get their work published. But I also do other kinds of academic work – course materials, theses, book chapters and books – and, of course, more general texts: press releases, letters, manuals, contracts.


I translate (from Dutch to English):

  • non-fiction
  • magazine and newspaper articles
  • journal articles in the social sciences
  • business and marketing materials.

You can contact me using the form below, or send an email to info [@]


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