Policy summary: Language policy at Tilburg University

I wasn’t able to locate a specific code of conduct for languages at Tilburg. Instead, I’m taking two texts from their website. Both are available in English and Dutch. Both are very short, hence my very short summary!

Language of instruction: this is Article 3.2 of the (apparently current) Student Charter. It reiterates Art. 7.2 WHW, which basically stipulates that the language of instruction is Dutch, unless it is not 😉

Language policy: this information is intended for current and prospective staff. It consists of a bullet list of the English-language proficiency required of different groups of employees and the following text:

‘The university is an international university, firmly anchored in the region and therefore bilingual. The language in education and research and of the academic community is English, based on the principle of “inclusion.” In this way, international staff and students can also fully participate in the communication on our campus.’

What is striking here is that there is zero mention of the Dutch language at all, and yet the use of English is purported to be ‘inclusive’; there is no consideration of exactly how ‘inclusive’ (or otherwise) this policy may be experienced by, say, Dutch-speaking support staff.


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