Policy summary: Language policy at Maastricht University

Two documents:

  • Code of Conduct for Language at Maastricht University (2018), 3 pages, available in English and Dutch
  • UM revised language policy, currently on website (in Dutch)

The Code of Conduct for Language is, as for the universities we’ve seen so far, a fairly standard document. It consists of nine articles, including reference to Art 7.2 WHW. Article 3 states the following:

  • ‘UM offers study programmes in Dutch and in English’ (this makes it sound as though the proportions are fairly equal – it would be interesting to compare exactly how many programmes are offered in English as opposed to Dutch and how this has changed over the years!)
  • ‘Course materials and parts of programmes may be in Dutch or English, and for elective subjects in German or French’
  • ‘The official languages of the Executive Board and the representative bodies are Dutch and English’
  • ‘Objection and appeal procedures are in principle conducted in Dutch’.

Language proficiency of students is covered in Article 6; of academic and support staff in Article 7.

The revised language policy on the website opens with the statement that high levels of language proficiency are important at UM (in what language(s) is not specified). Information is provided concerning:

  1. Students: (financial) support provided for Dutch, French and German courses (no mention of English)
  2. Academic staff: expectations regarding the English and Dutch level of lecturers
  3. Support staff: language competences in English and Dutch expected to fit with their job level
  4. Alumni: ‘language as a resource for employability and (EU)regional integration’: brief info exclusively about the pilot course German for UM Alumni.

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