Book: English in the Netherlands: Functions, forms and attitudes

And it’s out. Don’t all rush for the bookshops at once now.

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“A highly competent and valuable investigation into whether Dutch English exists as a cohesive variety.”
Laura Wright, University of Cambridge
“This is the first comprehensive application of the Dynamic Model to an Expanding Circle country. It shows that globalization has replaced colonization as the trigger of a ‘foundation phase’, but that many sociolinguistic and linguistic effects are similar. This volume is insightful and innovative; it is valuable both for its rich and eclectic disclosure and compilation of new data of various kinds and for its theoretical ambition and significance. It represents a substantial scholarly contribution to the field.”
Edgar Schneider, University of Regensburg
This volume provides the first comprehensive investigation of the Netherlands in the World Englishes paradigm. It explores the history of English contact, the present spread of English and attitudes towards English in the Netherlands. It describes the development and analysis of the Corpus of Dutch English, the first Expanding Circle corpus based on the design of the International Corpus of English. In addition, it investigates the applicability of Schneider’s (2003, 2007) Dynamic Model, concluding that this and other such models need to move away from a colonisation-driven approach and towards a globalisation-driven one to explain the continued spread and evolution of English today. The volume will be highly relevant to researchers interested in the status and use of English in the Netherlands. More broadly, it provides a timely contribution to the debate on the relevance of the World Englishes framework for non-native, non-postcolonial settings such as Continental Europe.

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