Attitudes to English in Germany

Germans! Do you love English, hate English, use it all the time, next to never use it – no matter, bitte hilf mit und füll diesen Fragebogen aus!

Together with Robert Fuchs from the University of Münster and his student Elisa Rossmann, I’m conducting a survey on attitudes towards English in Germany.

This is an extension of the attitudinal study I conducted in the Netherlands as part of my PhD. Very imaginatively entitled ‘English in the Netherlands: Uses and attitudes’, it was a large-scale survey with almost 2000 respondents (thank you, all of you!), with questions falling into five themes: learning English, using English, perceived competence, models and varieties of English, and the respective status of English and Dutch.

The German version went live a few weeks ago and we already have over 500 responses. Happy days! But of course, we’d like a lot more. So please, alsjeblieft, bitte, go ahead and forward this link to any Germans you know!

Ertrinken wir in Anglizismen? Oder kann kaum einer in Deutschland richtig Englisch und wir verpassen den Anschluss an die “Weltsprache”? Wir wollen wissen, wann du die englische Sprache wozu benutzt (oder auch nicht) und was du darüber denkst. Bitte hilf mit und teile diese Nachricht!



One thought on “Attitudes to English in Germany

  1. Really interested to see the results of this Alison. You know I’ve worked on something similar for French in France/Quebec. Keep me posted!


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