Your voice in a spoken corpus

My friend and ex-coworker Andrew Caines in Cambridge is looking for linguistics research participants. Calling all English native speakers who don’t mind talking into their phone (what else would you do, I guess?) or getting paid (a whopping €5, but hey). Go on, do it! Info from Andrew below.

Dear all,

We’re a research group building a spoken corpus of native speakers of English: we’d really appreciate your help with our data collection efforts, either by (a) participating, or (b) spreading the word.

The corpus will be fully transcribed and freely available, so I hope you see a general benefit to the corpus linguistics community in what we’re trying to do.

Participants need to have an Android phone or tablet, then search for ‘Crowdee’ in the Google Play app store and download it (it’s free).

Look for the ‘short English speaking tasks’ (2 versions), find a quiet environment to record, and go! Each one takes ~10mins and payment is €2.50. Please note that €5 is the minimum payout from Crowdee, so both versions need to be completed before payment. (And there are plenty more Crowdee jobs to do, for more money)

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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