The sun is always shinier

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

This week’s devastating-news-slash-first-world-problem: I got my towns confused on Yahoo Weather and it turns out next week’s conference location is not going to be 30 degrees plus but instead 11 and raining. I’m off to Santiago de Compostela, which, you will note, is in northern Spain. And no, I didn’t get it confused with Santiago, Chile. That would be too easy. Instead Yahoo made the baffling jump to a place called ‘Spain, Georgia’, or possibly ‘Georgia, Spain’ – since the words were on different lines it wasn’t clear which was the town and which the country. In fact, it was the town of Spain, state of Georgia, United States. Since even Wikipedia hasn’t heard of it, everything about the place shall remain a mystery – except, of course, that is has lovely weather.


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