Statistics: making lives better

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

Recently, the quality of my life significantly statistically improved. For the scientists out there, that’s not a mistake – I don’t mean ‘statistically significantly’. What I mean is: a new statistical technique entered my life and now my life is better. And when I say ‘my life’, I mean my PhD, by which of course I mean my life. Thanks to my newfound intimate relationship with the R function ‘chisqPostHoc’, I am bouncing out of bed every morning like a kid at Christmas. Researchers out there who have ever accidentally stumbled across the perfect solution to all their statistical problems will know exactly how I feel. I am testing things for significance just because I can. Did you know herbal tea cools down at a non-statistically significant slower rate than Earl Grey? You didn’t, but now you do, and I’ll bet your life is now better too.


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