Haaartstikke bedankt!

To the nearly 1700 people who have filled out my questionnaire so far, a huge thank you. And to those of you who kindly passed it on to others, an even bigger thank you! (See my original post on the questionnaire.) I’m thrilled to have received so many responses. The questionnaire is still live until 1 October, so if you haven’t done so already there’s another month to fill it in or forward it around and about.

As there is, not surprisingly, rather a large skew towards the younger, tech-savvy end of the scale, I’m particularly after older people – and people who are less than impressed by the influx of English in the Netherlands!

Many of you were curious about section III of the questionnaire, where you had to complete a grammaticality judgement task. In short, people were keen to know whether they got the answers ‘right’ or not. As the questionnaire is still live I can’t post anything about that yet, but I’ll be sure to at a later date, along with the results from the other sections too.

Thanks again for your participation!


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