Who needs earning power? I talk to myself like a pro

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

With a solid ten years under my belt, I am vastly experienced at being a university student. So does this make me smarter or send my earning power through the roof? (Please do not answer those questions.) What it’s made me excellent at is talking to myself. I’ve taken to wearing a Bluetooth earpiece so I don’t look like such a nutter. It’s just, there’s so much to discuss with myself. I have three talks lined up and all of them need practising (ideally in a supermarket queue). There’s that article to compose in my head, and a virtual discussion to have with my supervisor. Thankfully, most Cambridge PhDs appear equally disturbed; until full Victorian costume starts to strike me as a sensible fashion choice, as it does my neighbour, I won’t worry.


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