Home sweet home

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

I’m migratory. I can’t spend long in one spot; all too soon I get ants in my pants and I need a change of scenery. So every day, I pack my bag, make my lunch, and head off somewhere to study. First stop: the university library. I arrange all my things just so and settle down to work. But then I get cold – where’s that breeze coming from? – so I have to leave. I head for the department library, but before long a sniffer joins my table (I cannot stand sniffing). I try the college library but by then my favourite spot is taken, and the last resort – the coffee shop – has been overrun by undergrads. Finally, by late afternoon, I find the perfect place at last. I can’t believe I haven’t thought of it before. It’s comfortable and quiet. It’s … my room.


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