When cats become croissants

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

We all have our favourite forms of procrastination. But I am irritated when people post links on Facebook to artsy-fartsy, New Age-style fluff. Like those pictures urging you to repost them if you support nurses or love your dog. Less still do I condone films of bear cubs cuddling up to pandas, or that man catching a string of ducklings as they fell from a balcony in downtown Washington and then safely leading them to water. No: my preferred form of procrastination is eating. Very occasionally, however, the two – food and short films – come together in seamless fashion. Just now, I was dazzled by a YouTube video in which sleeping cats morphed into croissants. I think it’s safe to say: I won’t be working any more tonight.

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