Call it research

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

Here’s something I’ve failed to mention in this column so far: doing a PhD is fun. At least, mine is. And at least, at the moment. This week’s task: looking for uses of English words and phrases in Dutch pop songs. It’s the opposite of looking for a needle in a haystack; you may as well ask what Dutch artist doesn’t use English words. I’m particularly enjoying such lyrical gems as the girl-group Kus managing to make geweest rhyme with ge-erased in ‘Ik heb je nummer gedelete, ik heb je naam ge-erased, ik heb je foto geremoved, wat tussen ons was is geweest’. And the fun just doesn’t stop. Next week’s project: English in Dutch TV shows. Can’t wait to get into the new season of Flikken Maastricht and call it research.


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