I am the Brain

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

PhDs are full of ups and downs. Some days, it goes like this: Oh. Dear. God. I am the stupidest person alive. This is the worst PhD *ever*. The next day, it’s all: OMG. This PhD is amazing. I am AWESOME. Happily, today is one of the latter. I met with my supervisor, having handed in a chapter draft. I thought it was good work, and that is worrying. Because if you hand in work you know is rubbish, and your supervisor says it’s rubbish – well, no surprises there. But if you think your work is stellar, and your supervisor begs to differ … then not only is your work rubbish, but your judgement is too. Thankfully, my supervisor was pleased. You know the two mice in the cartoon Pinky and the Brain? I am totally the Brain.

At least, until Pinky shows up again.


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