All worked up about relaxing

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

I spent New Year’s Eve surrounded by corporate and academic types with three degrees each and New Year resolutions like ‘I’ll make partner, take over a bank, publish a monograph, cycle the Alpe d’Huez and sponsor a dozen Burmese orphans’. This was not conducive to my own 2013 goal, which was, for the second year running – and in the immortal words of Ryanair – to ‘chillax’. (This includes not getting worked up about cheap marketing tricks like forcing two perfectly good words into one.) Doing my PhD and running a small business on the side, I often fail spectacularly when it comes to relaxing. And for the second year running, I managed to last four days before finding myself in the library again on a Saturday night. But you see, with no one else around, it’s really quite … chillaxing.


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