The glorious living museum of socialism

Step right up, ladies and gentleman, come and see, the great, the glorious living museum of socialism! While Obama is vilified in the US for wanting universal healthcare, the Dutch ‘conservative’ party VVD is cutting deals that could see high income earners pay 24 times as much for their monthly health insurance than those on benefits. If I were a high earner in the Netherlands, I’m not sure I’d be impressed (though who knows, I’d be making great dough after all). But as luck would have it, I’m not. What I am is a fan of cheesy word play, so the branding of the VVD leader as ‘Marx Rutte’ is endlessly amusing. In any event, one thing is clear: American school kids should be dragged to the Netherlands on mandatory field trips, just to prove the point that things can be done differently. What the hell – bring the politicians as well.


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