What I haven’t done

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

Summer’s gone, as are all my hopes for it. Run a half marathon. Clean my room from top to bottom. Learn to cook something involving an intact piece of meat (I can cook, but specialise in curries. Steaks and roasts terrify me.) Prepare a presentation and work on a journal article. Get more sleep. Watch the latest season of Flikken Maastricht, ostensibly to ‘improve my Dutch’. Buy one of those newfangled smartphones (or any phone, really). Reset all my passwords, and then make a concerted effort to learn them rather than storing them in a Word file on my desktop called ‘passwords’. Oh, and do my PhD. Clearly, I should have known better: No-one ever does the last thing on their to-do list.


3 thoughts on “What I haven’t done

  1. At least make the name of your passwords document something that doesn’t resemble “passwords” or “wachtwoorden” or something? Maybe “to-do list” or something more uninteresting for other people seeing your desktop which doesn’t tempt them to click on it 😛
    For cleaning your room from top to bottom, maybe this is an idea? http://www.mysimplerlife.com/2012.htm The calendar gives a daily clean-up tip.


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