A thousand little pieces

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

My dissertation is in a thousand little pieces. Chopped up in bits scattered all over the floor, in a state of massive restructuring. I read notes that I took two years ago which seemed vitally important then, that now aren’t even in my field. (Psycholinguistics? What was I thinking!) I move the introduction down, bring the conclusion up, turn the results section upside down and then write a whole new introduction. I rack my brain to figure out what question I’m trying to answer; to remember what I’m even studying. Then I get an email from an Amsterdam conference organiser: will I need a beamer* for my upcoming presentation? And then I remember – ah, that was it. Dunglish.

* Beamer in this context is a Dutch word. The English word for the same contraption is ‘projector’. In English, ‘beamer’ refers to a BMW car. In which case, the answer is yes – I’d love one, thanks.


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