Election fever

Alison in Wonderland, Observant, Maastricht

I’m in favour of coffee shops, lenient penalties for criminals and rampant online copyright infringement. At least, according to the StemWijzer. With 30 propositions to agree or disagree with, the StemWijzer tells you which parties best represent your opinions. To be more precise, I think closing coffee shops turns soft drug users into social outcasts, which isn’t helpful. I don’t agree with minimum jail sentences because research shows that rehabilitation works better (read The Spirit Level, if you haven’t already). And I’m not in favour of stricter controls on downloading movies – the whole backward notion of copyright needs an overhaul, if you ask me. So it’s GroenLinks or D66 for me, says the StemWijzer. Then again, several years back it famously told Mark Rutte, the former prime minister and VVD leader, to vote D66 as well. I’m in good company.


One thought on “Election fever

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