I’m now in one place … here.

Until now my PhD research, my freelance work and all sorts of other writing have been separate on the web. I’ve now migrated the whole lot here: because it felt messy before, and because, after all, the two things are closely related.

You can now find all the main information from my old work website, TheWordSpot, here (under Language services). And the same goes for the posts from my previous blog on Dutch English, now posted below (and in Research) along with lots of other miscellaneous writing. Sadly, this means I’ve lost all the comments and discussions that were posted on that site (I may be a computational linguist, but that I just didn’t have the energy for).

But all is well: everything is now in the one spot, and I promise – I swear, on my life and the life of the puppy dog I don’t own yet – that I will post regularly here, and keep this site up to date on anything and everything to do with my work and my research.


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