I will not be silent

Mini-column ‘Alison in Wonderland’, published in the Observant, Maastricht

I am a slogan t-shirt geek. I like them nerdy, like one belonging to my friend, a chemist, which lists in alphabetical order the elements of a human body (65% oxygen, fyi). I like them political, as in “That’s ok, I wasn’t using my civil liberties anyway”. I’m a particular fan of the feminist kind, with a picture of [insert your choice of Germaine Greer, Simone de Beauvoir or Naomi Wolf] saying “I will not be silent”. But my favourite is my own t-shirt with a picture of a downcast monkey and the slogan “Intelligent design makes my monkey sad”. Though it did get me into a heated escapade with a busload of god-fearing American tourists at the supermarket, from which I only narrowly escaped …


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