Class is key

Mini-column ‘Alison in Wonderland’, published the Observant, Maastricht

I’ve talked about my celebrity academic crushes before. Here’s how not to leave a lasting, intelligent impression. Ben Goldacre writes a column in the Guardian called Bad Science (and published a book with the same name). Each week, he targets topical examples of science gone bad (e.g. all things homeopathy, or those ‘TV doctors’ who get their qualifications from a cereal box). Recently I met the man himself after a comedy evening by scholars aiming to popularise science. I dribbled something like “Omg, could I have a photo with you?” We posed awkwardly as my friend fumbled around with his camera phone, then, when he asked politely “Are you Australian?”, I blushed and giggled and scurried away (a ‘yes’ would have sufficed).


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