Scholastic-celebrity crushes

Mini-column ‘Alison in Wonderland’, published in the Observant, Maastricht

Don’t give me Brad Pitt or Matt Damon (well, ok, maybe Matt Damon). All my celebrity crushes are on big-name academics. A friend and I once saw Richard Dawkins on the street and started squealing like schoolgirls. Another friend is now heading to CERN in Geneva for a year’s worth of PhD research, and I am green with envy. Why? Professor Brian Cox, that’s why – the world’s first rock-star physicist. The keyboard player from the 1990s pop group D:Ream, Cox is now a particle physicist at CERN and presenter of the BBC television programme Wonders of the Solar System. If you’re into science nerds with swoopy hair and shiny teeth getting excited about the temperature on Saturn, this is your show.


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