What’s the story?

As you’ve most definitely (ha, ha) already read in the Research section, I’m building a corpus of ‘Dutch English’ for my PhD. This is basically a big collection of digital texts. The 300 or so texts to be included in the corpus fall into a range of genres. We have already collected much of the data – but we’re not quite there yet. So what am I still looking for? Personal emails, e.g. to friends or family (not to worry – everything will of course be anonymised. I can give you details on how.). Magazine articles and blog posts. Press news reports and editorials in particular! And some fiction as well (e.g. short stories, or even creatively written blog posts. If you’re Dutch and write these sorts of texts in English (or know someone who does), send me an email at ae302 [@] cam.ac.uk! I will be falling over myself in appreciation. All you’ll need to do is send me your text(s), and fill out a 5-minute questionnaire.


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